Month: May 2007

  • The view is better from here

    It’s almost funny — a lot of people outside the newspaper business are a lot of more positive on its prospects than those inside. Here on a Podtech segement posted by Tina Magnergard Bjers and called “How Will Web 2.0 Change Journalism?” Google VP Marissa Mayer says newspapers, especially, are here to stay; Web strategist…

  • He’s got me beat by a notebook

    Now this is a desk, I can relate too. It’s Al Gore’s office. (via Rex Hammock, who doesn’t have the same reaction as I do) Tags: Al Gore | GTD | paperless office

  • Riddle me this Batman

    . . . I think news is a unique opportunity still. But what is happening is that everyone is cutting back individual news operations rather than partnering to ramp up. Consumers dont need more brands, they need more indepth reporting of more stories. — Mark Cuban on Blog Maverick Read the whole thing. Classic Cuban!…