The view is better from here

It’s almost funny — a lot of people outside the newspaper business are a lot of more positive on its prospects than those inside.
Here on a Podtech segement posted by Tina Magnergard Bjers and called “How Will Web 2.0 Change Journalism?” Google VP Marissa Mayer says newspapers, especially, are here to stay; Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang says many of his friends consume content on paper more than digitally and ScobleShow’s Robert Scoble says if you want to be a sucessfully journalist, figure out Google, Digg and blogs.
Are they just spinning us? Or maybe the audience doesn’t read the future of newspapers as anachronistically as we’ve come to see it.
Granted, the structural pain is real, deep and excruciating. But if we do it right, that’s short term.
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