Bonnaroo 2007

If you’re a fan of Bonnaroo and aren’t there this year, follow our coverage on knoxnews.
Online producer Lauren Spuhler, and Bonnaroo vet, will be blogging, doing audio podcasts and shooting videos and photos. And when that’s not keeping her busy, she’ll be twittering. Keep track of her twits.
Music writer Wayne Bledsoe, a grizzled vet of the outdoor concert in Manchester, Tenn., will be filing stories.
And the intrepid Saul Young will be capturing scene in photos and admiring the ladies.
We’ve already got some video mini-profiles of the Knoxvegas bands that will be performing, but Spuhler turns up the volume tomorrow when she arrives on the scene.
Update: Assistant Business Editor Roger Harris notes that I missed one: business writer Andrew Eder. Hmmm, there are economic issues that could be studied there. Actually, he explains what he’s doing on his blog.
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