Ocracoke Island beaches, undoubtedly the best!

Ocracoke Island Beach 2001 photo, click to enlargeDr. Beach says Ocracoke Island has the best beaches in the nation in his 2007 list.
He’s right. It is an island of most wonderful beaches and a special place. We’ve been several times on family vacations.
It was the first time a beach in Florida and Hawaii didn’t take the top spot, but Ocracoke has been in the Top Five the last two years.
From an Associated Press story about Florida International University professor Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman list this year::

Technically, it’s Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach that is the nation’s best. But Leatherman said there’s little that separates those 300 yards of postcard-perfect sand from the rest of the island, almost all of which is protected from development as part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

“Here, you have 14 miles of unspoiled, undisturbed barrier beach,” said Leatherman, director of Florida International’s laboratory for coastal research. “Where do you find that in the world?”

The photo to the right (click to photo to enlarge) is from our 2001 vacation at Ocracoke Island. Some 2001 photos and some 2002 photos.
(via Matt Lail who notes that Leatherman is a N.C. State grad)
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