Month: June 2007

  • Free Love

    90+ photo tools 10 Free Minimalist Word Processors for Greater Productivity And, lest we forget, updated Google Apps features Tags: free web apps | free software

  • Teens make better readers for newspapers

    What, you say. Well, hang with me here. I spaced this post from Mindy McAdams on young people last week, but Melissa Worden drew me back to it with her “good reads” list. Their interpersonal networks might well reconfigure over time. The software or sites they use might well change or be replaced by others.…

  • Are we measuring how many read over or rode over the newspaper?

    Sometimes the react is better than the first act. Mathew Ingram and Steve Yelvington have good posts on British newspaper consultant John Duncan Webster’s Dictionary of Audience Exaggeration: How internet metrics promote the myth of the dying newspaper. Yelvington has several nuggets, but this one I can’t pass up quoting: However, the notion that a…