Supersized is not better

At the first of the week, my wife reserved a U-Haul truck to move some furniture from her sister’s house in Columbus, Ohio, to our son’s apartment in Chapel Hill, NC.
She’d scheduled to pick up the U-Haul truck in Columbus.
So early Saturday morning, she got a call that our U-Haul was at the Morse Road U-Haul in Columbus.
When we got there, the 10-foot truck we had reserved was nowhere to be found; they had rented it to someone else despite having reserved it and despite having called about two hours earlier to say come pick it up.
Instead — at the same cost — they gave us one more than double that size — 24 feet. We really didn’t have enough stuff to fill a 10-foot and now we have a 24-foot truck that is like one-eighth full. Tomororw, I’ll be driving a nearly empty big-honking U-Haul to down I-77 and I-40 to Chapel Hill.
That’s quality for you: Supersized when you don’t need it.
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