Chasing youth

Mark Potts is getting a lot of links today on his look back over the Backfence, but another jewel was his post last week on newspaper youth products, Dog Bites Man; Kids Don’t Care.
In the not-to-do category, he says:

Young people have never cared much about news; now they care even less about fossilized news delivery formats like newspapers. And what are newspapers doing about it? Um, starting newspapers aimed at the youth market! Or publishing condescending kids’ news pages (which appear in the very newspapers the kids don’t read)! Great thinking.

Ryan Sholin takes it another step today in “The eleventh obvious thing: Your subscribers are dying.”

Again, if you’re serious about staying in business, you’re going to need content that the LIVING people in your circulation area are interested in.

He says we need to start brainstorming ways of framing news in a way that catches their eye.
If you’ve got the idea, maybe my kids will read you — online.
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