It is interesting that Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards seems to be the only candidate attempting to use Twitter as way of communicating with voters.
The Twitter blog says Edwards will answer Twitters during a live Webcast following the Monday YouTube/CNN debate among the Democratic hopefuls. Edwards’ Twitter page is twitter.com/johnedwards, but see the Twitter blog for details.
There’s some discussion of the YouTube/CNN debate here and all the official info here.
Is Twitter an effective platform for creating dialogue and connection to voters or customers, or is it just micro-blogging among friends? It’s already obvious that YouTube will be a campaign factor, but Twitter much less so. Edwards is approaching 3,000 Twitters users following his postings, which will get sucked into Google’s search results. That’s a small number for a nationwide political campaign or any kind of national marketing campaign; he’s definitely early to the technology.
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