Kudzu of Connections

I’ve seen a lot of thoughtful react to Jason Calacanis’ weekend post about Facebook bankruptcy, but Ethan Kaplan has the best two sentences I’ve read:

You all, and we all, made a system in which the promiscuous exchange of data is the predicate for it functioning. Do not complain about reaping what you sowed.

In classic Calacanis style, he whipped up a blogosphere tornado trying to come to grips with the overload of his Facebook account after being sick for a few days. His Kudzu of Connections piece whirled and whipped about on an otherwise lazy summer Saturday.
For a longer react piece, I’d recommend Rex Hammock’s Jason decides Facebook is not the golden fleece. He’s been writing and thinking alot about Facebook and other social netwroks. But there’s lots more react.
Is Robert Scoble right when he says: Facebook is the new business card AND the new media distribution network?
If it is, add me to your Rolodex.
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