The Dollar General store of Social Networking

In the continuing MySpace is so 2006 storyline, there’s a report that says that usage among the ever-fad-attuned high school crowd of Facebook is gaining ground while their usage of MySpace is declining.
Net scoreboard comScore says in a new study that Facebook has increased its number of US visitors under the age of 18 by about 2.5 times while MySpace has dropped about 30 percent..
MySpace is still leads in that age group, but it’s beginning to look as exciting as toys in a Dollar General store.
That goes against the line that MySpace is a high schoolers product while Facebook is a college student product. Facebook began changing all that when it opened up registration to all last September and with its API launched just in the last couple of months. It’s the juggernaut of the summer.
More comScore data says in the last year Facebook had 181 percent growth in use from the 25-34 year old demographic, 149 percent growth from the 12-17 year old demographic, 98 percent from those 35 years and older. The lowest increase occurred was with the 18-24 year old demos.
Facebook is even attracting no-clue-as-to-a-fad-folks like me. But there there one person in my small work group that says she’s not signing up cause she’s not doing another stinkin’ social networking site, but if she relents it could be a bellwether of sorts (the juggernaut is rolling downhill?). I’ll keep you posted.
(via Mashable here and here)
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