When news isn’t bottled in an article

In a review of MaineToday.com’s refreshing redesign, Howard Owens have some good observations on news site design in general, particularly link bloat and internal politics that bewilder more than bemuse.
One area he didn’t delve into is one we’re struggling with a bit in our redesign (which we like overall).
How do you get front-and-center attention for non-article content like blogs and videos? We have a great design if blogs and video are supplemental to text stories, but it’s a bit tougher to give them equal footing — even with links to both types of content on the front albeit below the fold. We’re still experimenting with the best solution for us and I’m sure we’ll hit upon something that works. Most content management systems I’ve seen have the article at the center of their universe and you end up working around that.
Not even newspapers sites, however, need to be article-centric! How are others tweaking article-centric designs to emphasize other types of content?
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