A peek out the box

Some of my younger co-workers say their perception of out-of-the-box thinking at a newspaper is of someone ever-so-slightly opening the top of the box and taking a furtive glance; maybe on a bold day, cautiously extending a moistened finger to check the direction of the wind.
That mental picture is apt, unfortunately, more often than not despite protestations of the contrary. This tends to create “issues” when one or more in the box actually want to stretch a bit. Some suggest a meeting. Others say do market research and analysis. Still others suggest a focus group. And before proceeding, we must review the potential impact on anything and everything else. After a near-endless series of meetings, task forces and planning scenarios, the thought of stretching passes and life continues apace in the box.
One of those who against those obstalces actually got out and stretched is Online Journalism Review Editor Robert Niles. He has a five-step plan to free those left behind.
He says it starts with saying “yes.” Check his post for the details on just saying yes and the other four steps.
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