Everybody’s just skewed

This is why I say to hell with third-party stats. Actually Quantcast looks almost promising even if its data to date isn’t.
The IAB‘s Sheryl Draizen:

There’s this philosophy in the entire media industry that it’s always better to use independent third-party numbers, because they’re independent and don’t have a vested interest,” she said. “I would argue that that’s not the case, because no one’s independent and everyone has a vested interest. We also have to change our thinking because we have a unique medium that could give us more accurate numbers than we have ever had before…I would challenge the agencies and marketers to stop thinking that the only numbers that are valid are coming from a third party. It’s just not the case in our industry. If there’s a certification process against those numbers, there’s no reason those numbers can’t stand.”

For this site, I’ve been using Google Analytics and I’ve been pleased and surprised. Sure beats the vagaries of panel approaches (even if my sites showed up) and best of all, it’s free.
Why’s it so hard to measure the most measurable of media?
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