Google for news

Lots of people chiming in on Google’s use today of full-text Associated Press stories instead of linking to AP member Web sites.

People had been wondering whatever happened to the AP-Google agreement announced a year or so ago and now we know.

It looks somewhat like a play to catch-up with Yahoo News, which already uses the AP wire. In July, Yahoo News had an audience of 33.8 million to Google News’ 9.6 million.

For the AP, well, as the AP story says:

In recognition of the challenges facing the media, the AP froze its basic rates for member newspapers and broadcasters this year and already has committed to keeping fees at the same level next year.

That concession has intensified the pressure on AP to plumb new revenue channels by selling its content to so-called “commercial” customers on the Web. Those efforts helped the not-for-profit AP boost its revenue by 4 percent last year to $680 million.

My take: While traffic from Google is hugely important to any Web site, traffic from Google News to AP stories isn’t big for most AP-member newspapers. But it will enhance Google’s stature as a news and information source.

For newspapers, kind of a yawner in the swirling scheme of things.

(I did find it interesting the story didn’t make the AP’s Industry News blog. Waiting for the Google News Alert?)

But others got more excited about the alignment of the storied wire service and the world’s favorite search enigne.  Here’s some react on the Google News-Associate Press story.