Maybe we’re missing the picture?

Even with newspaper video, the reruns can be better. Some fascinating discussion on low-end vs high-end video (does there have to be a versus?).
I think this is an important discussion. Newspapers have a disruptive opportunity with video that shouldn’t be overlooked by anyone developing Internet strategies for newspapers. Should we be as passionate about producing good online video as Angela Grant and others? Sure. There’s room for both.
The latest reruns on the newspaper video debate (Updated):

But let me add another wrinkle to this screen grab on the state of newspaper video.
The disruption is in the distribution — or ability to attract audience. At knoxnews, we post standalone video on our site, into the AP Online Video Network, and YouTube.
Where do we get the most views? YouTube!
Maybe others have a different experience. But that says something about the power of distribution. Whoever gets the distribution, wins. That’s one reason why lots of video now makes sense, but finding the right avenues for it to reach the audience that wants it is critical.
It will take more than putting video on a newspaper dot com Web site whether it is low-end on-the-scene video or a piece that took days to produce.
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