Running to Hot Rize

Didn’t jog as much as normal; did weights instead.

Did listen to an old album, Hot Rize’s 1979 first album.

I really liked it when it came out and it holds up well, I think.

Here’s the lineup: Peter Wernick (Banjo), Nick Forster (Bass), Tim O’Brien (Fiddle and Mandolin), and Charles Sawtelle (Guitar).

Track listing: Blue Night, Empty Pocket Blues, Nellie Kane, High on a Mountain, Ain’t I Been Good to You?, Powwow the Indian Boy, Prayer Bells of Heaven, This Here Bottle, Ninety Nine Years (And One Dark Day), Old Dan Tucker, Country Boy Rock ‘N’ Roll, Standing in the Need of Prayer, Durham’s Reel, Midnight on the Highway.

They broke up in 1991 or 1992.

Tim O’Brien has a successful solo career; I’ve bought several of his CDs and those of his sister Mollie, too.

Peter Wernick also has had a solo career and is known as “Dr. Banjo.” He narrowly escaped death in the crash of United Airlines Flight 232 in Sioux City, Iowa. Some 110 of the 285 passengers died and one of the 11 crew members.

Nick Forster, a bluegrass musician who was born in the unlikely Bluegrass birthplace of Beirut, is the host with his wife, Helen, of the public radio show etown. It’s a great show with a wide range of guests and it’s about a lot more than music.

Charles Sawtelle developed leukemia and died in 1999.

I saw the band once at a bluegrass festival at Brown Loflin’s “Denton International Airport” in Denton, N.C. The airpost was a grass strip, but he was thinking big when he named it, I guess.

Not only did Hot Rize appear, but also their alter-ego band, Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers. The Red Knuckles version of Hot Rize did a parody of 1950s country music. They did it well.

Red Knuckles showed up in the “breaks” in the Hot Rize show.

Back to the first Hot Rize album.

Hot Rize, the album, was one of those great debut albums and the band went on to produce a string of others.

There’s a couple gospel tunes that are just Sunday-morning-country-church there, like “Standing in the Need of Prayer.”

Not my mother, not my father, but it’s me oh Lord
Standing in the need of prayer
Not my mother, not my father, but it’s me oh Lord
Standing in the need of prayer

If you’ve never heard of them, check ’em out. My favorites of the band are the self-titled first album and the second album, Radio Boogie.

Well, you see how my mind goes elsewhere when I’m exercising.


Calories burned
Time exercising
Miles jogged/eliptical
No advice

Miles to date in August, 36.48