This is strange enough to make Fark’s top page

Darrell Phillps
Somehow I totally missed this Tennessee tale.

Drew Curtis, founder of the hugely popular “news” site, says the new media manager of a Memphis Fox TV station tried to hack his site.

Curtis has done e-mail interviews with Mediaverse, a Memphis media blog, and ValleyWag, the Silicon Valley alpha-attitude gossip blog.

Curtis says he’s got Darrell Phillips of WHBQ Fox13 99.9 nailed.

The Fark founder says deceptive emails were sent to him and several Fark employees or volunteers in an effort to get them to unwittingly download a piece of Trojan Horse software that communicated back to a computer in Memphis with captured passwords and user ids. Efforts were made to hack into Fark’s servers.

Curtis wrote Mediverse:

“Our chances of being wrong are close to nil. Even with the information we currently have we’re standing at 99.9%. Our data indicates that only one individual was using the dphillips Fark account for the entire time it’s been in existence. That individual worked at Fox, used a verizon wireless card, and a comcast cable modem account in the Memphis area.”

Here are some links:

That is totally bizarre. Must be the Memphis heat.