Socialite will pass 100,000 social network sites created by users this weekend, according to TechCrunch. It had a mere 30,000 in February.

At knoxnews, we’ve done our part.

We have at least four active ones:

TechCrunch owner Michael Arrington sez:

The company sure has come a long way since I pronounced them dead in early 2006. Sometimes I like it when I’m wrong.

It does seem to be a very good platform at a remarkably reasonable price. A good product at a good price will usually take you far! And somebody agrees; they’ve raised another $44 million in VC money.

The only problem we’ve had with it is getting the custom domain feature working right. Maybe they’ll get that sorted out eventaully.

And despite Arrington’s upbeat post, there were a number of naysayers in the comments.