Small news to have big impact

As a person running a blog on MT this sounds cool, a plugin that automatically presents an IPhone/iPod enhanced version of the site to users accessing the site with these Apple devices. What would be cooler would be a newspaper Web site announce it was doing this. Now that would be forward thinking.

Dan Gilmor said of the touch iPod:

News-folk: You should be aiming at least some of what you produce at the screen on this WiFi enabled audio/video/Web machine. This is breakthrough territory, way beyond what the iPhone even suggests.

Staci Martin Wolfe has been thinking about the impact on news, too, from the iPhone and the new touch iPod. With the iPhone:

Instead of hauling the laptop into the bedroom, we can easily surf the web using the phone’s Safari browser. Sure it’s small, but its portable and on our wireless network it’s speedy. Good enough for some last minute news and information digestion before drifting off to sleep. (Like we don’t get enough news and info thrown at us all day, we just can’t stand being disconnected for more than eight hours at a time.) Are we unusual or is this a pattern developing in our society?

I’ve been playing with the the decidedly less cool Nokia n800 (not a phone, but an “Internet tablet”) as a device to produce journalism remotely, but it’s Opera browser works well for news and video consuming.

Are you ready for this shift? And where will SMS news end up (podcasts comapred to video?)