Some of that Om Magic

Om Malik boils down a survey on video advertising into five takeways:

  1. Video-sharing sites are getting a bigger share of visits (77%) versus news sites (55%) and broadcast TV sites (49%). Lesson: Good for YouTube, not so good for old tubes.
  2. 43% of those polled want ads to be interactive and clickable. Lesson: Don’t put stupid TV-style commercials that are not actionable.
  3. Videos are for sharing. Lesson: Big media, listen to CBS Interactive’s Quincy Smith.
  4. 52% want ads to be relevant to them, 46% think they need to be relevant to web site’s content. Lesson: Consumer electronics ads next to people being blown up aren’t going to work. Make your ads contextual, relevant and of course tasteful.
  5. Make ads fun if you want attention. Consumers feel annoyed by videos ads today. Lesson: Simple enough.