Month: October 2007

  • Halloween nights

    See some more of my 2007 Halloween photos at flickr. This pumpkin was carved by Amy. Some people have had a hard time seeing the design. Do you see it?

  • Like in the movies, good guys win in the end

    An update on the Oct. 4, 2007, posting about YouTube pulling a video of knoxnews that was flagged by 20th Century Fox for copyright infringement. The video above of the Reno 911! guys was shot by our TV critic Terry Morrow and so we filed a counter-claim with YouTube. I got an overnight email that…

  • RSS feeds get less geeky; more cheeky

    The UK’s  Daily Star is promoting its RSS feeds with the photo at right. No wonder U.S. newspapers are considered dull. Subscribe to this blog feed. (via Martin Stabe / Daily Star photo)