I’d give you a good cussing if it’d do any good

Dirty Words. Jeffrey Rowland,/Overcompensating.com

Random thoughts on cursing, cussing and dirty words in general.

Steven Pinker uses 5,200 words to explain why we we curse in The New Republic article
Why we curse, but he could have just stuck with “To begin with, it’s a fact of life that people swear”

It’s interesting that The New Republic decided not to use the illustration that was created for the article.

A lot of people have happily picked up on this report that Swearing at work ‘boosts team spirt, morale
But it’s not likely to win friends in HR.

And then there are words that sounds dirty that aren’t.

And ones that should never be used in an email subject line.

Cartoon from Jeffrey Rowland/Overcompensating.com (larger version) and tip via  Brittney Gilbert