Wondering what Jimmie Dale Gilmore is thinking

History tells us: convenience wins, hubris loses. “Who is going to want a shitty quality LP when these 78s sound so good? Who wants a hissy cassette when they have an awesome quadrophonic system? Who wants digitized music on discs now that we have Dolby on our cassettes? Who wants to listen to compressed audio on their computers?” ANSWER: EVERYONE. Convenience wins, hubris loses.

Ian Rogers, Yahoo Music

There’s some lessons in the post this quote was drawn from not only for the music business, but the news business as well. One of the most consistent complaints through the years about newspapers has been they’re too hard to do busienss business with and newspapers artfully managed to reproduce that experience online.

And what is Jimmie Dale Gilmore thinking? See for your yourself

(via O’Reilly Radar)