Getting face time on Facebook

Inspired by how easy Greg Sterling made it look, I created a simple business presence on Facebook for the Knoxville News Sentinel. Click the link and add it to your “stores.” (Stores has to be another in a long line of inane terms Facebook forces one to use. Also, there was no business type in its options for a news or media business. Geez.) UPDATE: Well, I recreated it as a “brand or product,” but anyway.

As Sterling demonstrates with screen shots, it’s dead simple. Figuring out how to promote it short of a bunch of cajoles and a cache of plastic cash  with Facebook ads; not so simple.  I couldn’t convince it to take my corporate credit card; Facebook sniffed nose at Old Media Cash.

Charlene Li of Forrester fame makes the business case for being on Facebook and MySpace.

Knoxnews’ online producers have a MySpace page for their RandomThis videos and there is one for our Friday entertainment section, Preview.