Glancing backward to the future

Interesting to remember:

* iPod and iTunes come out in 2001.
* The first BlackBerry phone was released in 2001.
* Firefox isn’t a browser until 2003.
* RSS with enclosures (podcasting’s guts) happens around Sept 2003.
* Gmail doesn’t exist until 2004.
* WordPress got popular in 2004 (after Movable Type changed licensing).
* IBM sells its ThinkPad division to Lenovo in 2005.
* Facebook launches in 2004 and opens to the masses in 2006.

Those are from Chris Brogan, who ‘s also asking what you think we’ll see in the next five years.

Which of  these services and devices popularized in just the last six years would you be willing to give up? How quickly the innovative becomes the essential!