Ogling boobies on Facebook

Topless babes in ads, OK; breast feeding mom photos, no.

Hmmm ….

Chris Brogan posted Thursday a screen shot of a topless lass in the ad position in the left rail with a WTF commentary of how did that happen.

This, now, from the same folks that in the last few months banned photos of mothers nursing.

Laura Athavale Fitton wonders why more journalists (and regular people, too) aren’t demanding answers:

I find this very egregious, and I am amazed they haven’t been called on it or pressed to respond. I think the general public would be kind of horrified by this. I think the situation is outrageous and Facebook should immediately, and loudly, address it, fix it, and apologize.

Considerng what one can stumble upon on the Internet, I’m not quite as horrified. But still, another gaffe. Privacy, the Beacon, NSFW ads, the road gets bumpy when you no longer are a precocious young startup. Probably went over well at the Frat house, but your business model is beyond that, right?.

Fitton’s right; Redress it … them … whatever.

Update Nov. 25, 2007, 9:19 a.m.: Mashable says Facebok has removed the ads in Facebook: Goodbye, and Thanks for the Mammaries. Company says in statement:

Facebook strictly prohibits pornography and adult content as part of its advertising guidelines, and it reviews ads running on the site to ensure they meet those guidelines. In this case, Facebook immediately disabled three ads after a review revealed that they were displaying prohibited images.