Month: December 2007

  • Sunsetting Sunshine

    Russ McBee sees some rays of hope in the dimming Sunshine law “reform” that’s coming out of Nashville. My view? Best thing that could happen now is to leave the totally ineffectual,  weak Tennessee Open Meetings law as is cause the reforms are worse. 

  • Maybe they just have the model backwards

    Is Citizen Journalism and User Generated Content simply an overrated fad? Leah McBride Mensching smugly declares: The fad journalism model is being brought down by poorly written and poorly presented content that is greatly inferior to content produced by experts, they say. To put it bluntly, if you need information on a subject, would you…

  • It’s a roller coaster out there

    Barry “Inn of the Last Home” Wallace emails that his college roommate Gary and his brother, Phillip, have put together a website about amusement parks:   They will be doing reviews and reports of new rides. And then there’s a movie. Enjoy the ride! They ought to get hooked up with my old Scripps colleague Robert…