Things just got a whole lot smarter

Hey, you gotta try this; it’s powerful.

Dave Mastio, who’s behind the software engine that powers the Knoxville Blog Network, has unleashed a new tool on his main BNN site and the Knoxville Blog Network called Feed Central.

He said in an email:

In short, you can pick any section of BNN (or the Knoxville Blog Network), then slice and dice it by blog, by category, by key words, then sort the new feeds by popularity (most linked, most clicked, most commented) and then have it delivered to your cell phone, your RSS reader, your email (hourly update or daily summary) your blackberry or a custom widget on your web page.

The element of this that I am most proud of is our partnership with Working together, we’re making blogs available in a way they never have been before and hopefully expanding  the reach of blogs and the blogosphere another important step. It is exactly this sort of thing that I had in mind when I founded BNN. By combining smart, human-edited aggregation with cutting edge technology we can make the blogosphere more useful to more people at the same time we help build readership for the best blogs.

Here’s an RSS link for one based on a query for News Sentinel. Create your own saved searches. Play around it with it. I think you’ll agree, it’s pretty slick.