Snapshots of Tennessee

'Big Pete' Ramagos, rigger at work on dam (TVA) Douglas Dam, Tenn., in June 1942
I’ve been reading about flickr and the Library of Congress’ Commons Project and decided to take a look and see if there were any photos from Tennessee. There are. The photo above was taken in June 1942 at Douglas Dam of “Big Pete” Ramagos, a rigger.

There are several of Douglas Dam’s construction, copper mining near Ducktown, Watts Bar Dam, various other TVA facilities. a corn field by a river in northeast Tennessee, and work on the “Vengeance” dive bomber at a Nashville plant. I wish there were more.

Rex Hammock writes about some of the details of the project and has some links to more info. This is a wonderful way of unlocking the rich-with-history collection of public domain photos at the Library of Congress. The flickr folks blog about it.