Conversation worth noting

Journalist/blogger and all-around Knoxville wired maven Katie Alison Granju hears a conversation with the power to change in the Knoxville blogosphere.

This conversation extends beyond bloggers themselves, and even past the thousands of people who now read local blogs every day. It’s seeped out into the community at large – into political coverage by the “mainstream media” (which has gotten more hard-hitting and appropriately aggressive in the past year or two), and onto front porches and over backyard BBQ grills and into party chatter.

If you’re just discovering the community’s vibrant diversity of voices, you might start with the Knoxville Blog Network (a blog aggregator), the KnoxvilleTalks site hosted by Granju, News Sentinel reporter Michael Silence’s No Silence Here blog, or the group blog KnoxViews. From one of those, I’m sure you’ll discover people you’ll want to have a conversation with every day.