As seen on HBO …

Mary Farrell, one of my favorite potters, says in her email newsletter:

Those of you who’ll be tuned in to the “John Adams” miniseries, which begins on HBO this coming Sunday, may notice some familiar pottery!  For the filming of “John Adams”, Westmoore Pottery provided over 60 pieces of pottery to enhance the historical setting of the miniseries.  Most of the work supplied was redware, with just a few pieces of the salt-glazed stoneware.  We also provided a few pieces of handblown glass for the filming.

The 7-part miniseries, which will air on HBO beginning March 16th, is based on the John Adams book which won author David McCullough a Pulitzer prize.

See the Web site of Mary and her husband David’s Westmoore Pottery on Busbee Road in northern Moore County near Seagrove, N.C.

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