Join this Facebook group

I wonder if my headline is direct enough?

If you have a minute, join the new Facebook group that co-worker Lauren Spuhler created called “Songs of Appalachia.”

She describes it:

“Songs of Appalachia” is a monthly video series featuring musicians from East Tennessee who help define the music of this region. It is published on and is more than just country music.

The music may be classified as “home-grown” or “old-timey” and has deep roots to Africa, Scotland, Ireland and England. It is a mixture of fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar, incorporating jigs, reels, polkas, country and bluegrass.

Join online producer/videographer Lauren Spuhler and News Sentinel staff writer Morgan Simmons as they explore the musical roots of our region.

Anyway, join her group to keep up with this interesting project. If you’re into mountain roots or even ruts, it’s a must.