Over 70 snowmen captured in Nashville weather roundup

In covering the snowstorm that hit everywhere in Tennessee but Knoxville on Saturday (OK, there was a little on the ground if you didn’t blink), I noticed that WKRN in Nashville totally rocked with user submitted photos.

When I surfed through, the site was heralding 70 snowmen photos or over 400 weather pics. In a matter of hours! That is fantastic!

WKRN has a special site to handle the uploaded photos and videos that it calls Nashflix. Think local YouTube for photos and video. If you go to the bottom of that site’s home page, you can see it’s powered by a Nashville startup called Cell Journalist.

I emailed founder Parker Polidor for the what up. Here’s what he said in an emailed response:

WKRN has been very happy with Nashflix and the response from the community.  I think the total has exceeded 500 images/videos of the recent snow.  It is a great way for people to share the local news and events with others in the same area.

Recently we added a dynamically updated media badge.  It’s a simple javascript that anyone can  include on their blog or website and it pulls in the most recent content.  This can either be the most recent of a particular channel or the most recent content of a particular user.  Its just a great way to push the content from one platform to many other platforms/sites.

Cell  Journalist is working with other papers/tv stations across the country and more announcements will be made in the next few weeks.

We are seeing some great interest from smaller papers who want to use our platform to show user AND professional content.  Our platform is well suited to handle both.

If I understand the site correctly, media (photos or video) can be uploaded from a Web browser, by email or from a cell phone. Videos are transcoded into Adobe’s Flash format.

These folks seem to have something and WKRN was smart to hook up with them  Best of luck to both.