Speaking of speaking again

Someone screwed up again and put me on a conference panel next week as part of something at UT called “Public Conversation on Web Journalism.”

Ah, yes, the blog is named “random mumblings” for a reason.

Tennessee Journalist has all the details so if you are interested in journalistic issues, particularly of the digital variety, there are some good panelists among a random mumbler like me. Rob Curley, vice president for product development for WashingtonPost.Newsweek is the top draw for the conference. He’s speaking at a Thursday night dinner.

Again, the whole panel list is at TNJN, but the local New Media glitterati on the panels include Scripps Networks’ future thinker Channing Dawson, new partner in Moroon Ventures Bob Benz, Knox/Blount/Tennviews blogging pioneer Randy Neal, E.W. Scripps’ (and proud new site pappa) Patrick Beeson, WBIR senior producer and KnoxvilleTalks “conversation hostess” Katie Allison Grandju, and News Sentinel online producer extraordinaire and journalism instruction Lauren Spuhler.

Here’s the full info if you’re marking your calendar.