Another thing the Internet is good for

I had never noticed these dollar bills tagged for Where’s George. George? Where have I been?. The Where’s George site has been going on since Dec. 23, 1998.
I got a bill stamped with “Track me at” the other day and decided to enter it into the tracking web site.
I was the only second person to enter this particular bill. It had been originally entered on Sept. 20th of last year and was in Pigeon forge. It hasn’t traveled far. I may even have received in Sevierville instead of Knoxville, but I’m not sure.

Or as it says on the Web site:

This bill has travelled 29 Miles in 210 Days, 13 Hrs, 56 Mins at an average of 0.14 Miles per day. 

Kind of fun project. It was started by Hank Eskin of Brookline, Mass., who apparently started it on a “would it be cool to …” idea. And because we can, we do.