Craigslist now doing to blogging what it did to classifieds

Did you know Craigslist had a blog?

spaceshipYou can find out more about this spaceship for sale and how that weird Oregon case shows Craigslist is not a hideout for criminals. “Criminals take a giant risk when they use craigslist in conjunction
with illegal activity, since an electronic trail is created that law
enforcement officers can easily follow
,” the blog says.

There’s more. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark also set up a Twitter account on April 12 so people can find how boring his life is. He’s on a trip to Israel right now. 
Recent Tweet: My first rocket attack, and I eat algae. Well, he says his life is boring.
Anyway, hope he keeps it up. Newmark also has his own blog that has been around longer than the new Craigslist blog.