My reading list for journalism grads

I’m on a panel at the University of Tennessee’s “Public Conversation on Web Journalism” that is to discuss careers in Web journalism at the Beck Cultural Center on campus at 11 a.m.

Here’s the lineup:

Panel 2 (11 a.m.) (Host: Mark Harmon, University of Tennessee)
Adam Bryant, associate editor,
Jack Lail, managing editor/multimedia, Knoxville News-Sentinel
Michelle Ferrier, managing editor,, Daytona Beach
Patrick Beeson, project manager, Scripps Interactive

Here are some links to great blog posts in my opinion for journalism students, would-be journalism students and recent j-school grads. I hope you find them helpful and thought-provoking.

Pat Thornton: Journalism students need to know business

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Mindy McAdams: Catch-22 in journalism internships

Saul Hansell: Entrepreneurial Journalism in the Facebook Age

Mindy McAdams: 5 things to tell the students

Ryan Sholin: Ahead of the game

Deborah Potter: Future of news jobs

Deborah Potter: Where are the journalism jobs?

David Reich: Does knowledge of social media make you a better job candidate?

Badger Madge: My oh so wise advice for budding journos

Mark Hamilton: Where talent comes from (updated)

Howard Owens: Mid-career professionals can help lead the way to a new era

Paul Conley: The next crop of journalists

Rob Curley: What sort of things should an aspiring journalist be thinking about?

Doug Fisher: ‘Generation Intransigent’?

Leonard Witt: Rob Curley Replies to PJNet Pitcher as Catcher Post