Sounds tops to me

Featured in AlltopOh yeah! Random Mumblings has been added to the journalism section of Web startup aggregator alltop. Hanging with some of my favs in the journalism area.

Alltop is a project of Nononina, Inc., which does another site I like, Truemors.

Nononina CEO Guy Kawasaki told Forbes:

“Alltop is an ‘online magazine rack’ that displays the news from the top publications and blogs. Our goal is to satisfy the information needs of the 99% of Internet users who will never use an RSS feed reader or create a custom home page. Think of it as aggregation without the aggravation.”

Ah, I think that means it’s pretty cool.

In addition to well known blogger, venture capitalist and former Apple exec Kawasaki, Nononina is Will Mayall amd Kathryn Henkens.

Check it out; they have good taste. I’m sure of it.