Newspaper Twitter stats for April

Erica Smith has published her April newspaper Twitter stats. I love that she is doing this project!

Her stats show several newspapers had followings that grew by triple digits in the last month while @knoxnews grew by 47 percent and @Bonnaroo, which she started following mid-month, grew by about 7 percent.

Smith is tracking 141 newspaper Twitter accounts.

I’m thinking that the knoxnews growth of 47 percent shows another surge in popularity in the notyetmainstream service at least in the KnoxVegas area since we did no promotion of it. (The last time we mentioned it to marketing, they got the idea to change the background to coffin gray … industry symbolism?).

So if you’re on Twitter, follow:


… and even me.

The knoxnews site is not at the top of the list in number of Tweets, which is good!.