Blink and you’re beat

Brian Cubbison who edits the “News Tracker” blog at greatly expanded on my observation Friday afternoon that Wikipedia beat AP to even a one line alert in the death of Tim Russert on Friday.

He’s got the full chronology of Wikipedia’s edits and what moved on the AP wire. Great stuff.

Another person Twittered me that the real story is “How did NBC get scooped.” And it does seem Russert’s employer was very slow out the gate with the news that happened in one of its own facilities.

A couple others weighed in on Wikipedia beating the AP on Russert story that I noticed:

Greensboro News & Record Editor John Robinson wrote  Wikipedia-1, AP-0.

Kurt Greenbaum in St. Louis wrote Insta-obit on the site we love to hate: Wikipedia.

I understand checks and being accurate as well as fast, but blink and you’re beat.

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