Encyclopedia Braun creates a journo-New Media reading list

Want a human filtered stream of blog postings from selected new-media-and-journalism blogs? Josh Braun, a journalist, researcher and teaching assistant at Cornell University, has created one
He says:

“I’ve created a combined RSS feed, not of this site, but of around 30 cool new-media-and-journalism blogs from around the web.  It will send out about 10 to 15 posts per day, and I’ll filter out off-topic posts, so you won’t have to read about career advice for young journalists, or what someone ate for breakfast.”

Hmm … I recently wrote about “career advice for young journalists.” Oh well. I only Twitter about what I eat for breakfast.

You can find out more about the feed at his Understudy site. He also has a personal site is Wide Aperture.

Early Sunday morning, the following post were in Braun’s Understudy: Journalism, New Media, and Digital Culture feed:

There’s some good reading there. If you don’t follow these blogs already or you’re looking for interesting writers on journalism and New Media, you could very well find this “sampler” great browsing.

Pop Quiz: Why did I call Josh Bruan “Encyclopedia Braun?”