Front Page Follies coming up

University of Tennessee journalism professor Jim Stovall says in an email that an especially good show is coming together for the East Tennessee SPJ’s Front Page Follies on July 19, a fast-approaching Saturday night.

Stovall says:

There has been plenty to spoof this year, and the show is hilarious. I know because I am in the cast. For instance, one of the songs we’re doing this year is called Jailhouse Rocky Top, sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock. Here’s an excerpt from the script:

(Tune:  Jailhouse Rock)

The Vols had a pep rally in the county jail, Half the team was there except those who made bail.

The fans wore orange in a prison shade,
You shoulda heard the riot when the pep band played.

(Ernie, Clint, Megan, Kristina, David, Michael H., Alan) They rocked!  Everybody, they rocked!
Everybody in the whole cellblock
Was singin’ “Jailhouse Rocky Top.”

The Sheriff said to Fulmer, “I apologize “That circumstances led us to arrest your guys.”

Fulmer said, “Don’t worry, Sheriff, that’s all right.
“At least I know where they are tonight.”

Repeat Chorus

The web page for the Front Page Follies show is