Oh, no. You did NOT shoot that green shit at me!

They’re using our own satellites against us. And the clock is ticking.
— David Levinson

Ryan Sholin says make today the day you declare your independence from the curmudgeon tribe.

Some days — more of recently, actually —  I think a little Will Smith Independence Day action is what is needed to clear the field of the curmudgeons and those unable to move forward. Extreme, perhaps. But necessary to save the world.

So here’s my take on Sholin’s piece with a little help from Indepdendence Day.

So why are you waiting? Hmm? My Social Security will expire, you’ll still be sitting there.
— Julius Levison

If we’re a tribe as Jay Rosen says, the current “Trail of Tears” will forever change us. Will those who survive be the ones willing to embrace change and possibilities, or those who hunkered down in grim, cynical determination?

EARTH Take a good look. It could be your last.

I’m beginning to think that the true value in reorganizations, revampings, retoolings, reinventions, transforming and whatever buzzword your organization is using for “doing things differently” lies not actually in the new plans or processes or seat chartings sweeping thorugh newsrooms.

They may not work substantially better (and may perform worse) than the rusted out battleship routines we have now.

Cpt. Jimmy Wilder: You scared, man?
Captain Steven Hiller: No. … You?
Cpt. Jimmy Wilder: Nope. … hold me!

The true value in these symbols of change is if they can affect a shift in the collective psyche of newsrooms into a more positive and creative force. A “let’s give it a try,” “we can make that work” and “we can win this thing” attitude even in the face of increased adversity over, at least, the short run.

Captain Jimmy Wilder: Check me out, Stevie. I’m gonna try something.
Captain Steven Hiller: Don’t do nothin’ stupid over there.
Captain Jimmy Wilder: You know me.
Captain Steven Hiller: That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Through that willingness to try will come survival

WARNING! Your next stop may not be there.

I’m sure of only one thing: The future won’t be like anything that’s being envisioned today.

Captain Jimmy Wilder: Or, as the good Reverend would say, [Impersonating Rev. Jesse Jackson] Why we’re on this particular mission, we’ll never know. But I do know, here today, that the Black Knights will emerge victorious once again.
Unknown Pilot: Amen, man.
Captain Steven Hiller: Amen, Reverend.

At least on this Independence Day, I think we will have heroes step up to fight the fight. I think many journalists can adapt and newspapers as an institution will evolve and not die.

Cpt. Jimmy Wilder: Let’s kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!

Quotes from Wikiquote.