Twittering up a storm

The storm that knocked power out to more than 37,000 homes in Knoxville was something to Twitter about on Monday (and I’m sure I missed some others):

boriqua:   Turning cell off now to conserve battery. Goodnight, all! 

boriqua:  Entering third hour without power. Thus our first unplugged night is born.  

boriqua: Holy shit-storm has knocked out power and downed trees here at our house.

djuggler: @comcastcares Knoxville appears to be back online. 

ryanberg: @comcastcares FYI Cable was up but internet down during storm that passed through 3920 Lonas Dr area in Knoxville, TN 

jigsha: Hoping to leave work after an immensely busy day. Storm, power outages, blocked traffic on I-40 not helping. And it’s only Monday!

jigsha: KUB reports 37,426 customers are without power after severe thunderstorms this evening. And I-40 is closed east of town. 

raowen: power just teased me… came back on and went right back off.

raowen: no power. no internet. no tv. we’re in the stoneage!!!!

 mumchase: watching a thunderstorm from my hotel window in knoxville 

Whodini: At least the website tells me that out of 5100 homes in my zip code, 2900 have no power. w00t!

Whodini: WTF? I can’t get a live person on the phone at KUB? I’m sorry, I don’t have a local 7 digit phone number.

Whodini: Power is out at the house. I should have worked late. And here I was hoping the DTV wouldn’t be effected.

cpknoxify: @comcastcares Cable down in West Knoxville. This has become a weekly occurence. 

J3R3MY11: Massive wind storm moving through knoxville. 

ericmoritz:   Look at the fallen tree   

ericmoritz: holy shit I am about to drive into some nasty shit

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