Bonnaroo, tech and Web 2.0

CrowdFireJohn Battelle with a good post on the Bonnaroo festival in Middle Tennesse that segues into a new site he’s involved in called CrowdFire.

Of Bonnaroo, where he had backstage access, he says:

I came to realize I was watching something far larger than a music
festival. In short, I was watching a new culture emerge, a culture
fueled in equal parts by the timeless connection between musician and
audience, on the one hand, and the breakdown of the traditional music
business thanks to new technologies of personal media, on the other.

Everyone there had a cel phone with a camera, for one. Or a Flip. Or a digital camera. And when an amazing moment occurred, more folks held up their digital devices than they did lighters. At Bonnaroo this past June, I took a picture that nails it for me – the image at left. A woman capturing an incredible personal memory of an incredible shared experience (in this case, it was Metallica literally blowing people’s minds), the three screens reflecting the integration of physical, personal, and shared experiences.

(See his site for the photo and noticed how it influenced the logo for Crowdfire).

What’s Crowdfire? It looks to be a site where people can share memories about music and concert by uploading most anything. Interesting site and a pretty smart take on what’s happening to music.