OK, we flunked five assignments

In the Adversity is a Mean Teacher Department, ValleyWag has a typically snarky, but mostly appropriate post about five ways the newspaper botched the Web.

My CliffsNotes version:

  1. No porn on Viewtron. (How’d we miss that one?)
  2. New Century Network didn’t include enough naked dancing on stages and things. Hmm, a trend.
  3. Real Cities …
  4. and Abuzz. I can’t remember what we forgot to learn there, but it had to do with money.
  5. Classifieds Ventures meet Craigslist and its buddies.

Having been peripherally involved in a couple of those, I can say they all came at a time when the newspaper industry was still riding high with success, giddy like freshmen at Happy Hour.. Today, we’re still learning in Adversity’s class and wishing we’d buckled down with our studies years ago. Sound familiar?