Making news while covering it

Glenn ReynoldsGlenn Reynolds, a blogging pioneer, may be marking a new trail in the electronic wilderness, this time to Internet-only TV.

He’s doing commentary this week at the Republican National Convention for Pajamas TV, a part of Pajamas Media, where he hosts his hugely popular Instapundit blog.

“The chance to do something I’ve never done before is kind of cool, and how often would you get to do something like this?”

Read more about this effort. As he notes, Internet TV costs are a fraction of what it costs to do a broadcast quality TV show, a fact that makes Pajamas TV potentially disruptive as hell to cable channels and broadcast TV.

At knoxnews, we’re working with a company called Wazoo Sports that is similarly potentially disruptive in high school preps coverage.

(Photo is of Glenn Reynolds on the Pajamas TV set at the GOP convention. Photo from