I’m wrong if middle-America goes paperless

I did make the wild-ass claim recently in an research interview that mid-market newspapers will survive — just not in their present form. Much of that revolves around their digital strategies. I think that’s a winnable bet. Cnet technology columnist Don Reisinger has a dimmer view of the future for mid-market papers. Do you think he’s right?

(Note to Dan: About that Sulzberger fellow. I believe his name is Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. He’s the great-grandson of Arthur Ochs, who began his newspaper career in the decidedly mid-market burg of Knoxville at age 11 and bought a paper in similarly mid-market  Chattannoga at age 19 before buying the New York Times. Arthur Ochs apparently knew a bit about evolving a business model.)

(via Doug Fisher