My Googleganger did it

Looking at Google trends is one of my diversions.

Sometimes gamed or “Google bombed,” often weird and very often a good early indicator of mass trends or crazes.

Among the top 10 early this morning was the term: Googleganger. It’s not a new word, it’s been around at least a couple of years and why it is hot today I have no clue.

Odds are, you have a Googleganger.

Your Googleganger is someone who has the same name as you who appears when you “Google” yourself.

It comes from combining Google with Doppelg�nger, which refers to a look-alike. No less than the American Dialect Society voted it the “most creative word of 2007.”

As a journalist, I find Google trends to be a very useful way of looking at how people are reacting to news (broadly defined). I’d love to hear how other people use it or view it in the comments (hint, hint).