Month: December 2008

  • Feel more productive by the time you finish this post

    It’s that resolutions for the new year time of season. Here’s a couple: Friend this blog. It’s easy with Google’s Friend Connect. Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. Again, real easy. Now, don’t you feel better. Two resolutions already accomplished and the new year is just getting here. My, you’re organized.

  • A feeble attempt at “pundintry”

    I don’t really want to wade into Paul Mulshine’s debate on whether an army of blogging “pundints” are killing newspapers; it’s deeper than the muck at the TVA coal plant. Besides Michael Silence caught me snarky. But the letters published last night by the Wall Street Journal in response to the column show that quite…

  • Never too random for words

    I noticed a Wordle on Bryan Murley’s Web site and wondered what would one look like for this blog. Well, wonder no more.